Ginger Home Remedies

Ginger Tea
To create ginger tea, one must cut the root in small pieces, and then boil. Ginger tea can be drank hot or can be iced, as with other kinds of teas. Ginger tea is often used as a treatment for nausea related to stomach disorders. Ginger tea is also often consumed for treatment of the pain and nausea associated with migraines. It is thought that ginger tea can reduce migraine pain, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, though scientific evidence of such does not yet exist.

Ginger tea has also been said to improve skin complexion and to reduce signs of aging. Many believe that ginger, as an antioxidant, has restorative powers if the tea is consumed regularly. It is also thought that the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger can help to relieve the symptoms of such skin disorders as acne and psoriasis. Individuals may use ginger tea as an antiseptic on these skin lesions as well as on burns. However, they should take care not to use raw ginger directly on skin as it can be an irritant.

Ginger Root Juice
Ginger root juice can be created by either using a juicer or by grating the root and pressing the juice by hand. Ginger root juice is then either encapsulated for consumption or is diluted and used in a similar manner as ginger tea.

Raw Ginger
Ginger may be either diced or sliced and either added to food or eaten whole. This is a common practice by those who are suffering from head colds, asthma, or localized pain. It is also thought that eating slices of ginger can calm heart palpitations. It is also said to be an aphrodisiac when consumed in this way.

Candied Ginger
Candied ginger can either be purchased or can be made at home. Eating candied ginger has not been scientifically proven to improve health, though many practitioners of holistic medicines laud the ability of candied ginger to treat a variety of disorders. These include hemorrhoids, diarrhea, gas and bloating, sore throught, hiccups, and certain fevers and rashes.

Many individuals use ginger not only to combat diseases and disorders, but also to prevent them. Consuming ginger on a regular basis is thought to decrease the likelihood of developing seasonal colds and bouts with flu. It is also thought by many to prevent heart problems and certain types of cancer.

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